Map section of the Free Library

Map Librarian at Philadelphia Free Library

Richard Boardman has our maps!

I have always enjoyed browsing old maps at the Main Branch of the Free Library in Philadelphia.  And, when I first came to visit, Richard Boardman had the 1974 version of the Bicycle Commuters Map posted.

In grad school, I’d find old maps showing the city before the Parkway was built or maps of Fairmount Park during the Centennial Exposition. Even if I didn’t need maps, I came here to study and enjoy the awesome indoor space.

The spacious interior of the map room at the Free Library.

And as I’ve designed maps for Philadelphia and the region, I’ve always given Richard a bunch to give out.

Today, if you’re looking for one of the City’s Official Bike Maps, you can still get them here.  They may be outdated, but people still post them above their desks at work.