Urban Cycling

Ride Safe

Going along with the last post a bit, Max from bikePHL wrote up a great guide to staying safe when sharing the road. Cool diagrams, too.

By recognizing some of the common types of crashes that occur with cars, it’s easier to be careful, know how to avoid them, and ultimately get where you are going safely.

The examples below (although not exhaustive) also show the importance of making sure you are visible and predictable – the more cars can see you (especially at night!) and know what you’re doing, the safer you will be,


Interesting Idea: Bicycle Insurance

I definitely know a few riders without cars, and probably without insurance. Bike Portland discusses options:

It’s not an uncommon scenario: You’re riding down the street and are in a collision resulting in a trip to the hospital and a totaled bike. The person driving the car does not have insurance, and may suffer the legal penalty.

Either way, you are stuck with medical bills, a broken bike, time off work, and little recourse — unless you have your own car and auto insurance.