Bicycle PA Route Map Update

Pennsylvania has a series of signed state bicycle routes called Bicycle PA, and currently we are creating a series of maps to help cyclists plan their trips using these routes. At this point, we have about 120 maps, and I expect we will have them generally completed and ready to be checked by the end of this month.

Right now we are going through the maps to make sure that trails shown really exist, that the text placed is correct, etc.  This has been a fascinating project so far because of the complexity of doing so many maps at once. I hope this process may be useful for mapping (and then updating the maps for) the US Bicycle Route System.

My philosophy in creating these maps is that cyclists want flexibility to choose which roads they ride on.  Because the signed routes stick to state roads, cyclists may suggest other options that they prefer.  Also, having all the roads on the map allows cyclists to explore. At some point, I’d like there to be information about each panel on an accompanying page so cyclists have a better sense of the area in which they are cycling.

If you have an interest in reviewing the maps, please let me know.  You can see drafts of a few of the first pages at this link (8 mb in size).