My maps on an ipad

map image on ipad

Map image on ipad

I’m getting ready for the Adventure Cycling Leadership Training Course, and I’m taking an ipad with me so I can keep in touch, work on on the train, and have reference maps of the Richmond Area.

Tonight, using the good GoodReader app on my ipad, I downloaded the Northeastern Pennsylvania Bicycle and Hiking Map onto my ipad.  When you have all these maps as PDFs on a computer, it’s phenomenal!

I download a pdf of the philadelphia inquirer onto the ipad as well. These are big pdfs, and they are easy to navigate.  I can use these in conjunction with the 3G GPS Mapping functionality of the ipad.

My thought is that, when I am going to take a trip, I should download lots of reference maps (like state parks maps) into the ipad.

Rain is always a consideration.  For the trip to Richmond/Pocahontas State Park, I’m making a 24×24″  area map and printing it onto Tyvek.