Ride to Mugshots

Mugshots, on Fairmount Ave.

Mugshots Coffeehouse, on Fairmount Ave.

Yesterday, John Branigan and I met at Mugshots, a great coffee shop in Fairmount (and Manyunk) with an extensive local foods buying club. John and I brain stormed, talked about what’s working and what’s not, talked about clients’ needs, and left with a list of problems to solve. Problem solving with the right people makes work fun.

To get to our 10:30 meeting, I left home at 9:40. The worst part of my ride always seems to be in Cheltenham. Washington Lane is far too wide and drivers treat it like an interstate. I’m not a fan of having cars come within 2 feet of me going 50 miles an hour. Once in Philadelphia, I feel much more comfortable.  The cars parked on a street like Washington Ave in Philadelphia cause traffic to move more slowly, and the roads are part of the neighborhoods, not just means of getting beyond them (as in Cheltenham).

My route took me through Germantown on bike lanes and then to Midvale Ave down to the river.  Rather than follow the trail along the Schuylkill, I biked on Ridge Avenue to Girard and zigzagged through Fairmount to the coffeehouse.

Mileage: 11.5 miles, Time: 51:18
Jenkintown to Mugshots in Fairmount