Monthly Archives: May 2010

My maps on an ipad

map image on ipad

Map image on ipad

I’m getting ready for the Adventure Cycling Leadership Training Course, and I’m taking an ipad with me so I can keep in touch, work on on the train, and have reference maps of the Richmond Area.

Tonight, using the good GoodReader app on my ipad, I downloaded the Northeastern Pennsylvania Bicycle and Hiking Map onto my ipad.  When you have all these maps as PDFs on a computer, it’s phenomenal!

I download a pdf of the philadelphia inquirer onto the ipad as well. These are big pdfs, and they are easy to navigate.  I can use these in conjunction with the 3G GPS Mapping functionality of the ipad.

My thought is that, when I am going to take a trip, I should download lots of reference maps (like state parks maps) into the ipad.

Rain is always a consideration.  For the trip to Richmond/Pocahontas State Park, I’m making a 24×24″  area map and printing it onto Tyvek.

Inspiration, New tools

What a better way to start the week than to watch videos by someone who inspires me. Bert Monroy, a hyper-realist artist, has great videos on Take a look at his incredible artwork.

His philosophy is that he creates paintings that make him feel good. They don’t have to be perfect, but they help him express himself.  I find that this is what motivates me in terms of cartography.  It’s important for me to do work for others because I learn so much.  But I enjoy making maps most when I’m the driving force behind them.

So… I’m also really into the latest and greatest technology.  It is part of what makes work fun.  On Friday, I got the new CS5 Creative Suite after watching Mordy Golding’s videos about the new features.  This is the best Ilustrator upgrade in a long time, and I had ordered it awhile ago.

And… to watch video tutorials, what better than to do this on a 3G ipad?  Right now, Lynda is interviewing Bert about the new bristle brush in Ilustrator CS5.  It looks great on the ipad.

In regards to the ipad, I think I’ll use it for web browsing, watching videos, MotionXGPS, and checking email, but not so much for writing. I’m not even bothering to put music on it since an iphone works fine for this.

Finally, last night was the Bicycle Coalition’s Annual Meeting.  This is a great event – always inspiring.