Monthly Archives: April 2010

Perkiomen Trail North

I’ve ridden most trails in the region, and this is one of my favorites due to the variety of scenery. It passes by Spring Mountain ski slope, the Phila Folk Festival, playgrounds, Schwenksville, horse farms, summer cabins, old mills, etc. Green Lane Reservoir Park is worthy of a day trip itself.

Perkiomen Trail and Single Track around Green Lane Reservoir

Learning to ride a bike

Yesterday we took our girls to the park to practice riding their bikes.  You’d think that, having ridden over 300 miles this school year to kindergarten and elsewhere, Jessica, my 5 year old, would have no problems.  But the biggest part of learning to ride a bike is learning what balance is.  We got her on a hill, on her bike, and she was able to go a little ways… See the short video:  Crash method

Later, she rode her sister’s smaller bike and got a better sense of balance.  She could put both feet down on the ground so she wouldn’t fall over.  Another short video:  “Easy to put feet down” method.

Fear is the biggest challenge in learning to ride a bike.  Creating a situation of confidence, as opposed to a challenge, leads to a happier little cyclist.  And, along with this, more relaxed parents.

I like the Breezer Finesse

JT, the manager of  Breezer Bikes, loaned me a Breezer Finesse bike to try out. I’ve had it a couple of weeks, and I think it’s worth sharing my perceptions. I’ll start by reflecting on what I’ve told people in person. Here’s what I’ve said to people:

  • “You’ve got to try out this bike”
  • “It’s so quiet”
  • “The generator hub and ambient light sensors for the lights totally change my perception of night riding in the suburbs. It’s great. And look how they handled the wiring. It’s in the fenders.”
  • “It’s very comfortable”
  • “The 8 speed internal hub is nice, though the range could be a little wider.”

    Basically, Breezer has paid attention to little details that make for a really nice bike.  It’s the kind of bike you’d want to ride to a business meeting – elegant, functional, and comfortable on a 1 mile hilly bike ride to Starbucks or a 10 mile urban bike ride to Mugshots.  It’s a bike people would admire, but it doesn’t call attention to itself (I’d like to think… though many people have noticed I was riding a new bike).

    So… the question is, how do I get one?  My daughters and wife like the look of it.  This is a good start.  But we just bought a tandem last year, so the question becomes how one justifies buying a new bike two years in a row.

    Basically, I think it comes down to budgeting about $5 a day for transportation costs.  And then the price becomes less of an issue.  It definitely beats driving a car or riding the train.  And with an awesome lighting system, the Breezer is a great bicycle for riding at night.