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User input on google maps

Pennsylvania DCNR’s website has a lot of good information for trails. It allows people to upload gpx files. It doesn’t seem to have all the trails on the NE PA Bicycle and Hiking Map, but I haven’t compared the site to the map very closely yet. The information that they collect in the database is good.

Today I was also looking at the Moorestown Bike Plan at This site is more oriented towards people drawing their routes in. Toole Design and Urban Engineers are using this service, which costs $4.95 month.

So, today I was asked if we can develop something like this communitywalk. We actually have developed some custom sites that are database oriented, but these focus on point data only. Now, with the NJ State Bike Map, we will have a project that can utilize greater GIS/Web functionality.

I’m excited about this.

Thank you!

Thanks Phil. Sandi and I love the "Amazing Race"

I have so much to write about, and this is the really busy season for me.  Thanks are in order.

First, to Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz and Earl Blumenauer.  I’m excited to see my Congresswoman team up with the esteemed Congressman from Portland, Oregon.  Below is a link of me with Congressman Blumenauer after we talked about bicycling to Baltimore and his upcoming trip to Philadelphia (and Jenkintown, I hope)

Short Video of Steve and the Congressman

Next, is the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia and the League of American Bicyclists.  Sarah Clark-Stuart did a fantastic job coordinating things in DC.

Alex Doty, Breen Goodwin, and Hans Van Naerssen (the new League President)

Thank you to the Maryland State Bicycle Coodinator, Michael Jackson, for giving me a reason to bike 50 miles between DC and Baltimore.

En route from DC to Baltimore (a 4 1/2 hr ride)

Here is a link to the route I took:

Thank you to Pennsylvania’s First Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator, Dave Bachman. Brian Sanders is the new Bike/Ped Coordinator. State Representative Rick Geist, from Altoona, presented Dave with a citation. He didn’t read the whole thing, but it probably says, “Dave, you’re a cool dude, and you did a great job” (in official-speak, of course). Dave did bike across the US one summer.

Representative Rick Geist, presenting citation to Dave Bachman

Rep. Rick Geist with Dave Bachman

Thanks to google for coming out with google maps for bicycling. I find it really useful. And I look forward to incorporating this into my projects.

Google maps team member demonstrating the new bicycle routing.