Cool Philadelphia Bike Jerseys

Philadelphia Bicycle Jerseys

Jeff Appeltans (and Lara) have been doing very cool things in Philadelphia when it comes to bicycling.  I probably met Jeff through the Bicycle Coalition or TimeCycle Couriers many years ago.  He’s always taken positive steps to promote bicycling in Philadelphia.

Some of the proceeds from the jerseys Jeff sells (above)  benefit Neighborhood Bike Works and the Philadelphia Mountain Biking Association.   These Jerseys and others are available at

We were talking on the phone today and Jeff mentioned Big Al, Big Al’s website,, and Big Al’s annual “Spring Classic” loop bicycle ride around Philadelphia that is coming up. The ride is modeled after Paris-Roubiax, hence the name “Spring Classic”.  Jeff said it has  actually been happening for over 20 years, maybe even 25!  Big Al lives here in Jenkintown and is forever taking photographs and bicycling around.

I sent Jeff a NE Pennsylvania Bicycle and Hiking Map the other day.  We had fun talking about Wayne County and all of the incredible bicycling there.  He’s researched this area extensively, and I spent a little time there this fall while field checking the map.  As Jeff talked me through his travels, I enjoyed hearing about his favorite roads between Hawley, PA and Hancock, NY.   Jeff also showed me a good alternate route to Bicycle PA Route Y that I’ll want to add to the Route Y Maps.

I also mentioned to Jeff, “You’ve got to meet Jim Sayer, the Executive Director of Adventure Cycling.”  And interestingly I found myself telling Jim a few hours later, “You’ve got to meet Jeff Appeltans at the National Bike Summit“.