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Books I’m reading

A book I recently finished was Green Metropolis.  It had some really good perceptions of town planning and how towns mess things up while trying to improve things for pedestrians and bicyclists.  Here’s the NY Times book review. Tom Branigan  loaned me David Byrne’s book, Bicycle Diaries.  I ended up buying a copy anyway.  Byrne is […]
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The convenience and uniqueness of Jenkintown

I moved to Jenkintown from Chestnut Hill.  In the past I’ve lived at 21st and Spruce, Academy House (14th and Locust), Spruce Hill, Fairmount, and Spring Garden neighborhoods.  While very nice, none of these locations in Philadelphia can compare to the convenience of Jenkintown, especially if you have a family.  I’ll also add that I’d […]
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Map section of the Free Library

I have always enjoyed browsing old maps at the Main Branch of the Free Library in Philadelphia.  And, when I first came to visit, Richard Boardman had the 1974 version of the Bicycle Commuters Map posted. In grad school, I’d find old maps showing the city before the Parkway was built or maps of Fairmount […]
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Jenkintown to Milk Boy Coffeehouse

Driving from Jenkintown to Milkboy Coffeehouse in Ardmore takes about 40-45 minutes. So, I was curious to see what the difference was on a bike.  Bicycling there took  1hr 10 min, and bicycling home took 1 hr, 5 min.  There was a bit of a breeze. On the route there, I biked on Washington Lane, […]
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Shady rack

Careful where you lock up! I just saw this on Chestnut between 17th and 18th. I chose the next rack down…
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My vision for Bicycle PA

I want to put our Bicycle PA Route maps into perspective – i.e. Why I’m investing time and money  into something that is going to be available to anyone for free. Vision for the maps: This map series (to be available for download as pdfs) will highlight the Bicycle PA signed bicycle routes and nearby […]
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Tour de la vie

What do you get your brother-in-law who met your sister on a bike ride?  Mine gets me waterproof clothing, rear-view helmet mirrors, etc. I got my brother-in-law a membership to Adventure Cycling Association because I think ACA has an awesome mission and succeeds in fulfilling it everyday. From the ACA Website: Our mission is to inspire […]
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Ride to Mugshots

Yesterday, John Branigan and I met at Mugshots, a great coffee shop in Fairmount (and Manyunk) with an extensive local foods buying club. John and I brain stormed, talked about what’s working and what’s not, talked about clients’ needs, and left with a list of problems to solve. Problem solving with the right people makes […]
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Philadelphia Bike Map in Apple OSX Video

This is an image from Apple’s 2007 video for OSX.  We have always designed our maps on Macintosh Computers (since 1990).  In 2007, When Apple came out with the Leopard operating system, I was glad to see that they included the Philadelphia Bike Map in the promotional  video. If you want to get copies of […]
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Registered for the Bike Summit

I signed up for the League of American Bicyclists Annual Summit, which is March 9-11 in Washington DC. Fortunately, my Congresswoman, Allyson Schwartz, cares about bicycling an healthy communities, and she is very effective as a policy maker. I have really enjoyed serving on the Jenkintown Community Alliance Board with Julie Slavet who manages the […]
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